Renewable energy announcement encouraging for engineering profession

Engineers Australia welcomes the Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s proposed Strong Choices Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund to support the development and commercialisation of viable new and emerging energy technologies.

“This positive action will encourage research, development and innovation in Queensland and support the transition towards renewable energy sources, which is in line with community expectations,” said Chris Warnock, incoming Engineers Australia Queensland Division President.

“This policy announcement will assist with the development of new innovations; innovation is the driving factor behind productivity and economic growth in a high-tech economy.

“Innovation is not only vital to the state, but the whole of Australia. Furthermore, energy innovation is a fundamental aspect of engineering practice. Engineers constantly work to develop new energy solutions to ensure future generations will enjoy environmental, social and economic conditions that are equal to or better than those enjoyed by the present generation.  The Queensland government’s announcement reflects a commitment to creating and delivering outcomes that will ensure a secure energy future for all Australians,” said Mr Warnock.